Bollywood in Love
text by Chisato Ueno

Last year, there was " Japan" through out London though.
The cultural exchange project, which was named 'Japan 2001', showed lots of massive events in London, such as exhibitions about traditional or modern Japanese arts, experience of Tokyo life style and of course Japanese food...etc.
However, in this year, London has been attracted by "sing a song dancing Bollywood " with shiny hero and heroine alongside flowers eventually.

The festival celebrates the culture from South Asia, especially spectacular Bollywood movies. Besides, a large number of interesting events have been showing, like an exhibition of film posters, digital art exhibitions, rarely performed Pakistani/Sri-Lankan films, hit movies like Brit-Asian girl's comedy Bent It Like Beckham or Mira Nair's beautiful award-winning film Monsoon Wedding and so on.
What's more, in West End, there is a gorgeous colourful long-run musical Bombay Dreams shows an Indian love story, and has so much "Bollywood" styles.
Selfridges, which is popular trendy department store in London, had featured Bollywood lifestyle throughout the stores with glamorous images.Also for fashion, a big tote bag with a strong sense of South Asian design is popular for young people.

The decorative visual image of Bollywood, which seems to has taken root in London,not only within this year's festival.
Now I'm wondering which different culture we could feel in next year...