The standard of selecting data to be saved.
text by Hideaki Takagi, transrated by Kan Yamamoto, proofreaded by Sean Wood.

The National Diet Library of Japan intends to collect and save the content of every "jp" domain.

I can't throw away my own things. Perhaps, this is caused by my poor character.
I usually think "This is a pity to waste it." or "I might need this someday." in spite of myself, I can't do it. Similarly, this is the same case with Digital data. My plans, MS documents I wrote, design data, all successes and failures are saved without being erased from my Mac. Of course I know it's better to erase these files, because I'll never actually open them. However, once I take even a glance, I can't erase for my thoughts, nor can I bring myself to erase the data which is related to my business. Moreover, the development of large hard drives has spurred on this current situation. And on that topic I have found the paper below.

"The National Diet Library intends to collect and save online information which is a jumble of wheat and tares."

The article explains that they(The National Diet Library) have to reconsider the usual way they collect information due to an increase of general magazines and papers. Currently prominent authors submit their online content and if you take into account that the number of mailed magazine publications has reached 146,000 and you start get understand the enormity of scale.
As you may or may not know, by Japanese law a publisher is required to supply (including magazines and CD ROMS) to the National Diet Library. This does not yet include a mandatory submittal of online content. The National Diet Library is responsible for the collection of Japanese intellectual heritage, hence the collection of all published material. As of next year they will begin collect the contents of every .jp domain.
The volume is a massive. The investigation which took effect by the institute of Posts and Telecommunications of the Prime Minister's Office last August tells that there are about 6 and a half million "jp" domains,and the total volume of information amounts to about 4400GB (it's equal to paper for 13 thousands years.)
Asahi News also says that the National Diet Library intends to collect everything regardless of type of content. The idea being we should put ALL the intellectual activity on record.

"g11" have .com.

Indeed, now I realize that it is difficult for even a country to select information to be saved. They say they will not choose information to be saved because "we should put all the intellectual activity on record", however, I guess that their real intention is that they can't lay down the standard of choosing content. Of course, I also guess that there are issues in selecting content due to the amount of time required. It's easier to prepare massive hard drive than to spend time and effort for such things.
Although the scale of my data issue is WAY less than that of the intellectual data of the nation perhaps if I published my MS documents on a .jp, domain it may well be saved by the National Diet Library. In that case, issue of saving or erasing my data is now non existent.