g11-What is the cause for which you became a designer?

Sean-I suppose what first gave me the idea was when I edited a series of computer graphic animations together to some music I chose when I was around 15. I was excited by the idea of being able to cut video to music to tell a story but what I was even more excited about was the idea of creating moving images that could only previously be created in your mind. Creating computer animation lead to the realisation that there was something more to animation and graphics than just objects moving in space.

g11-What is design for you?

Sean-An elegant, simple solution to a problem.

g11-What are you inspired by?

Sean-Movies, music, design, architecture, other people, stories, nature and math and subtleties.

g11-What is your favorite website and why?

Sean-I don't really have a favorite. More a collection of sites I may visit on occasion.
http://www.newstoday.com is one that I'll regularly visit, mainly because they seem
to always provide diverse and interesting links.

g11-Is there a country you want to visit? And why?

Sean-There are MANY countries I would like to visit but probably
the highest on my list would be Australia. Home. Just because
I haven't been back for a while and it's such an amazing place.
2nd would be the US - to visit friends and to see New York again.

g11-You are working in foreign countries (in Japan),
How do you feel about this?

Sean-Working in Japan is definitely a different experience.
It's definitely harder in some cases. The language can be
challenging and there is no opportunity to contribute to
Copy (text). But then I find being a foreigner has its advantages,
The main one being that I see thing's differently to the average
person here which people find intriguing. Tokyo is definitely

g11-At Present what are you interested in?

Sean-Light and shadow, math and motion and meeting new people here.

g11-Can you explain about your current activity and the plan for your future?

Sean-I'm currently working freelance here in Tokyo as a web and motion graphics designer.
My plan for the future would be to keep improving my work and look for opportunities
to collaborate with others so I may learn and /or may create works that are greater or different to that of my own. If I'm doing good work and exploring different ideas I'm happy.

g11-Do you have any proposals or opinion for graphics11 (or slym)?

Sean-graphics11 seems like a great idea. Maintaining a site like this will take some effort.
I might suggest inviting different designers from time to time to contribute to the content of the site so as to save on production effort and give new / different designers opportunities
to voice / express their ideas and opinions.

g11- Thank you for your time, Sean.