g11-Do yo have something to tell about your works?

Rune-I like designs that are ONE good and well executed idea rather than a multiple of many. I strive to be simple and minimal with personality.

g11-What is the cause from which you became a designer?

Rune-After graduating from highschool I joined a 6 month photography class. I enjoyed photographing, but somehow most af my work looked more like graphic design.
Then I joined a six month graphic design class. The teachers were uninspiring and i did not learn very much from them, but I was introduced to the Mac and from that point I new that this was what i wanted to do.

g11-What are you inspired from ?

Rune-From work that i admire, am touch by or find beautfull.. whatever the medium. Personallity!

g11-What is your favorite website? and Why?

Rune-I don't have one favorite site but I like these:
Because they are: well structured, different, raw, without pretense
Because it is: original, fun, fast, cool

Because it is: Beuatifull, simple, elegant.
g11-Is there any country you want to visit? and Why?

Rune-Japan. Such an interesting culture - and design

g11-Do you want to work in foreign countries? and Why?

Rune-I might. New York, Amsterdam.
But i'm quite happy in Copenhagen/denmark.

g11-At present, what are you interested in ?

Rune-Design, literature, music, film..

g11-Can you explain about your current activity and the plan for your future?

Rune-I have just gone freelance. Hope to do jobs for openminded client; preferably more culture/art/music design.

g11-Thank you for your time, Rune.