Plan B Science and Entertainment is a cross medium art and design collective compromised of artist Ashley Wood and digital designer Tom Muller. Plan B intends to pursue all forms of art, media and entertainment, reshaping them onto bookshelves, motion picture screens, newsstands and tv screens all over the world.
We create unique and engaging entertainment in a wide range of media.
Currently Plan B is working on Tomorrow Kings - a 100 page comic book, PHAM (Popbot Happy Adventure Stories) - a bimonthly comic book anthology, and POPBOTWORLD, the online destination of Ashley's Popbot comic book.

Ashley Wood

Ashley has been a professional illustrator for ten years and has worked for most major publishing and entertainment companies. The list includes Dreamworks, Warner Bros., Random House, Marvel Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions.
His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques coupled with digital photography and graphic software. His work has appeared in books, movies, comics, television and video games. Ashley is a three time Spectrum Award winner. His art is published worldwide on a monthly basis and he has contributed to both joint and solo fine art exhibitions.
His work can be seen on a quarterly basis in the pages of IDW Publishing's Popbot. IDW is also the publisher of his first art book UNO FANTA, and the upcoming sequel DOS FANTA. Ash's first children's book IMPOSIBUS RHINOCEROS, GIRAFFE, AND GNU is written by T. Paula Louise. He is also the artist on Wildstorm's Automatic Kafka comic.

Tom Muller
Tom Muller is a professional digital designer with 4 active years in web, interaction, print and motion design, and is recognised world wide for his experimental work in 2D and 3D design, both on and offline.
He founded, an ongoing online platform for different experiments towards design, graphics and form. He has worked for the highly acclaimed design agency Vir2L Studios in London and is co-founder of design collective Duolog.
His work has appeared in numerous publications about graphic design, and he co-authored the highly acclaimed "Geometry & Chaos" book in the 4x4 series for Friends of Ed.
Currently he is involved in a number of art and print projects through ximeraLabs and Plan B, and online projects through kleber design.

g11-What is the cause from which you are interested in design/art?

Tom-I got into art and design very young - both my parents were Interior Designers so I lived in a design environment all my life. When I was a kid I always hung out in my dad's studio sitting beside him watching him work. And I've read comics all my life... .

g11-and What the cause from which Tom (in London) and Ashley (in San Diego) are working together?

Plan B-We kind of "bumped" into each other online... We started talking and that was it basically. We both want to push the medium we're working in and the collaboration seemed natural.

g11-What is a design/art for you?
I think this question is simple, but the most difficult for all designers/artists.

Plan B-It's a way of expressing yourself and learn along the way.

g11-Can you explain about your current activity?

Tom-Currently Plan B is working on Tomorrow Kings, A 100 page Graphic novel coming out early 2003.
It will be a mix of illustration, graphic design and 3D.
We also recently completed work on the upcoming Contra: Shattered Soldier video game for Konami/PS2; where Ashley did all the character design, while I (re)designed the logo/branding of the game.

Ash is working on a lot of very, very cool upcoming comics and graphic novels, both in the Popbot universe and some new things that are top secret! ;)

I'm also working on, which will be the site focusing on Ashley's Popbot comic.
I'm also designing a book about Manga that is going to be published by Laurence King Books, working on an update for my personal site, the new and fulltime designing at kleber ( working on music related projects.
I'm also collaborating on the relaunch of Duolog-Visual Identity Systems; a Pan European design collective I co-founded with Steven De Loenen of Stoav (

g11-What are you inspired from?

Tom-Everything I see around me on a daily basis Š both in real life and in the various media.
Also seeing the work my friends and colleagues is always a treat and a good stimulant to get to work.

g11-What are you interested in right now?

Tom-I'm interested in pursuing the possibilities I have now and building on that; and generally just do what I want to do; creating things.

g11-What is your favorite web site? and Why? by Steven De Loenen. He is one of my best friends, we went to art college together and I'm am constantly amazed by his work.

g11-Is there any country you want to visit? and Why?

Tom-I want to go to the USA some time because I have lotÕs of friends there, and Japan - because of the cultural difference and because I'm a big manga fan ;)

g11-Do you want to work in other country? and Why?

Tom-I'm already doing that. I'm originally from Belgium and have been living/working in London/UK for the last 2,5 years. I initially moved to the UK because I got offered opportunities I didn't have at that time in Belgium.
And Ashley is an Australian living and working in the USA; so I guess we both went where we could work on things we like.

g11-I'd like to ask you about your work.
Your works has very fantastic atmosphere, don't they?
Do you have some messages about these works, or something like a statement?

Plan B-No not really. We just do what we like to do.

g11-Although these works were created by two distantly disconnected creators,
Can you explain the rough flow of work?

Tom-Lot's of instant messaging :)
Ash creates a piece -uploads it-I download it, and get to work on it-upload it back...
We basically shove stuff back and forth until we're happy with it.

g11-I think that your works is beautiful complex of digital and analogue.
In such meaning, How do you think about the possibility of the web?

Plan B-We think the possibilities are endless in a way of showing our work for an international audience, both as static or interactive presentations.

g11-Can you explain about the plan for your future?

Plan B-Building on the things we do now... We'll see where it takes us -everything is possible.

g11-Do you have any proposal or opinion for graphics11?

Plan B-Graphics11 looks like a nice concept. We wish you guys all the best! thanks for having us.

g11-Thank you for your time, Tom and Ashley.