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g11-Do you have something to tell about your works?

Peter-informationbook. pictures of danish scapes
maid it look like toys.

g11-What is the cause from which you became a photographer?

Peter-looking at different attitudes.

g11-What is a design for you?


g11-What are you inspired from?

Peter-the street. social statistics.

g11-What is your favorite website? and Why?

Peter-google.com - it helped me find almost anything.

g11-Is there the country you want to visit? and Why?.

Peter-germany. they are straight away.

g11-Do you want to work in foreign countries? and Why?.

Peter-Yes. people are different.

g11-At present, what are you interested in ?

Peter-Las Vegas and starting up a gallery.

g11-Can you explain about your current activity and the plan for your future?

Peter-making more art. I need more answers to my courossity.

g11-Do you have any proposal or opinion for graphics11?

Peter-it is straight and i like that.

g11-Thank you for your time,Peter.