g11-You learn design at the college, but what is the cause from which you are intrested in a design?

Mike-My college was ok, i failed my final HND in Newcastle because i did'nt conform to there idea of a Graphic Designer. I have always mainly designed with myself in mind first + foremost. My time at The Designers Republic was superb and it was there that i was allowed to follow my own path. The answer i think would be that the reason i am interested in design is, to further my very personal take on design.

g11-What is a design for you?
I think this question is simple, but the most difficult for all designers.

Something that invokes an emotional response from the end user/viewer.

g11-What are you inspired from?

Mike-Absolutely nothing from design books/designers + everything from the world around me.

g11-What are you interested in right now?

Mike-The various effects achieved from printing various coloured inks, in different orders on paper. I love print!.

g11-What is your favorite website? and Why?

Mike-http://www.google.co.uk [or .com].
Because it is useful.

g11-Is there any country you want to visit? and Why?

Mike-Brazil, for Oscar Neimeyer's architecture.
Japan, because at The Designers Republic Japanese culture was a big influence on the studio, I think that it would be good to see/experience it for real.

g11-Do you want to work in other country? and Why?

Mike-No. England for me is home. There is so much going on here [London], Design/Culture/Music/Art. I was born in North Yorkshire [North England], which is so beautiful, my family all live there, and i think i would miss them too much if i moved to a different counrty.

g11-Why did you shot artworks in a monitor?
I like the feel of the image that shot monitor, scanning line, because I can feel something like an electrical motion from that. Is there something relationship between to shoot monitor and you are a modernist?

Mike-I like the idea of displaying my work in different ways [Trinitron, Multiscan E500 as canvas]. Also in this case i think the monitor adds something to the work. I also really like the immediacy of the digital camera, it allows the user to try something and use it or discard it quickly. I also think that showing work that has been generated on a computer tends to be perfect, i think that using the camera [in this case] adds in a degradation to the image that mimics printed work. Print has a quality that you will never get on screen/the internet. The camera adds a human element [almost like taking a snapshot of something you like, in order to show it to someone else], it adds warmth. The human touch.

g11-I got the impression that the computer like video games have some infuluence on your work. How do you think about this?

Mike-I see the computer as a tool, fullstop.

g11-Finally, Can you explain about the plan for your future?

Mike-Keep producing good design, Make Build■ a successful/innovative design studio, Travel more, Be a good husband to Nicola, Start a family, Go to Yorkshire more, Keep my hair short, Buy a mint condition last 17 Star Wars■, EV-9D9■, Buy two Sphynx cats + An English Bull Terrier, Make some music, Buy more Hip-Hop and Enjoy myself doing all of the above!

g11-Do you have any proposal or opinion for graphics11?

Mike-Design is for life.

g11-Thank you for your time, mike.