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g11-Do you have something to tell about your works?

This is a photographic series entitled "Empty Space." The concept is "diagonal and vertical lines of architecture trace simple beauty on my camera lens. Within the light you can see the art."

g11-What is the cause from which you became a designer?

Adriana-I enjoy art. And have dedicate my time to various fields I love and have the passion for in art. "Design" includes one of them, and given the opportunity to fulfill this as a temporary designer job some years ago in a family-based firm, as a result it became my profession. It was apart of a childhood passion, and unexpectedly one of my interests (design) was triggered into a career.

g11-What is a design for you?

Adriana-Design for me, means creating something you've envisioned or planned out, and executing it. I.e. the arrangement of elements or details in a product or work of art. Normally it's a creative form of art, with a purpose, a concept which needs to fit a certain need -- a functional design. It should be a creative art of executing aesthetic design too.

g11-What are you inspired from ?

Adriana-Daily life. People, music, cinema, art, literature, etc. My daily surroundings are usually a source of inspiration. I tend to see "magic" in simple details in life and use that in my work to create a whole new perspective or story behind that object or substance.

g11-What is your favorite website? and Why?

Adriana-It's very difficult to choose just one. I don't even have a list of favorites... but going on a site that I enjoy for it's friendly-family-like style of daily news, a cozy atmosphere, some funky designer mugshots, every so often a designer interview..., in consideration to the above and my frequent visits to the site,I would have to say this one: Design is Kinky (http://www.designiskinky.net).

g11-Is there the country you want to visit? and Why?

Adriana-Two countries I would like to visit (there is more countries of course, but to name just a few). Australia; because I've always had this childhood dream to visit it, although it's very far away. And I would like to go to the USA again, since I've been there before and the trips over there were great. So I would love a revisit.

g11-Do you want to work in foreign countries? and Why?

Adriana-I've lived in two completely different places in the world, i.e. in North America and now in Europe. Culturally there are obviously big differences, but to answer your question: it depends on the location, but yes I wouldn't mind as long as I speak the language of the country.

g11-At present, what are you interested in ?

Adriana-I'm interested in more than I can do in one day. Give me some more hours in a day, and I'll get to accomplish more with the different disciples I have a great passion and interest in; such as cinema, art, literature, writing, web design, psychology, and more. Doing what I find "interesting" in life has been a good goal.

g11-Can you explain about your current activity and the plan for your future?

Adriana-I think life is very unpredicatable, and now-a-days things change so constantly that one's plans are readjusted in some way. I'm currently working as an advertisement designer in a co-owned family business, a clothing company called Silver Coast and a Copy Center with a design section. And much of my work has been in Fashion design this past year, for one of our recent store launches, of a teen to young women clothing line named "Baby Pins." I plan on evolving in design, along with writing, among other plans I have for the future.

g11-Do you have any proposal or opinion for graphics11?

Adriana-Have fun with your project!

g11-Thank you for your time,Adriana.